Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 25: Ransom



   The Fifth Elder was already at a loss at this time, and this result was simply terrifying to him.


   The three of his fathers fought Jiang Shui and lost in an instant. Jiang Shui also fought against some people in the forbidden area of ​​the Jiang Clan just now, and finally remained indifferent to the forbidden area. What does this mean?


  The most important thing is that this is not Jiang Shui himself, it is just the clone he pinned on the jade pendant!


   Without seeing Jiang Shui for more than ten years, Jiang Shui has become so strong that he cannot understand it.


   Jiang Lai was also shocked, but he couldn’t tell at all on the surface. He walked out to the gate of the Medicine Pavilion, ready to close the door to thank the “guest”.


   “Wait.” The Fifth Elder hurriedly said.


   Jiang turned around and looked at the fifth elder.


  ”How can you release Jiang Xuan?”


   Jiang was taken aback, did these five elders succumb?


  ”Pay the ransom.” Jiang Lai pondered for a moment. His physical condition needs to be adapted quickly. Stone milk is a good material for restoring the body after refining. The most important thing is this thing. Son…expensive!


   Thinking of this, Jiang Laicai said again, “Give me ten catties of stone milk.”


   “No.” The Fifth Elder’s face turned dark for an instant. When is this kind of genius treasure?


   still TM speaks ten catties? !


   “Oh, forget it.”


   Jiang Lai walked to the gate of the Pill Medicine Pavilion again.


   “Wait, ten catties are too much, I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive, can’t five catties work?”


   Jiang Lai did not stop, “The Ling Pill Pavilion is available for sale, as much as you want. Ten catties can’t be less at all. Remember to hurry up, Jiang Xuan has been in my Pill Pavilion for several days. This matter, I’m afraid I can’t help it for a while and twist his neck. Didn’t I lose ten catties of stone milk at that time?”


   The five elders held pale hands, but he did not dare to do it, and then compromised and let go, already thinking about borrowing resources to collect stone milk.


   This kind of person is like this. Relying on their own and family strength, they always don’t put people in their eyes, but if one day provokes the strong, they will immediately become docile.


   As for why Jiang Lai didn’t kill Jiang Xuan in order to avoid future troubles, it was naturally because he believed that it is better to kill someone than to pay a ransom.


   Anyway, now he is no longer afraid of Jiang Xuan, and he will not mention it later. A person who has no threats can exchange him with a genius treasure. Just let it go, why not For?


   But the five elders still did not give up: “Do you really want to sever ties with the Jiang clan?”


   Jiang Lai took a step back. The fifth elders were overjoyed when he saw this. They thought Jiang Lai hesitated. This shows that things are going to turn around. He doesn’t need to spend a huge ransom!


   Jiang Lai turned his head and looked at the Fifth Elder faintly, “I have nothing to do with the Jiang clan. Isn’t this what you hoped for? You are a big man. You are responsible for what you have said. Don’t be inconsistent. , Easy to be laughed at.”


  ”Also, how I spent the past ten years in the Jiang clan, you should know in your heart, you are also a direct child of the family, logically speaking, even if my talent is poor, the resources should be good. Yes, however, I used to be poor and didn’t have training resources, and sometimes I didn’t get as good as my collateral children.”


  ”Whose credit is this?”


   Jiang came to have a meal, the five elders looked very ugly.


  ”That’s all. Later, I got the best Qi Gathering Pill and the Best Cyclone Pill, which showed my alchemy talents. However, your first thought was to seize my pill and divide my interests instead of focusing on training.”


  ”The most ridiculous thing is that now you are asking me, do you really want to sever ties with the family? Is there any difference between this kind of family and me? No, there are still differences, and they continue to break ties. , You will stare at me like hungry wolves, you will never be able to satisfy your greedy heart, and if the relationship is severed, I will live freely.”


   The Fifth Elder’s complexion changed impermanently, and the other pulses that had been on the sidelines were also a little strange after listening to Jiang Lai’s words.


   But it’s nothing to do with Jiang. He has left the family. Although his surname is Jiang, he has no sense of family belonging.


   What should he do or do, continue walking, adapting to the weight of several hundred kilograms on his body.


   The five elders retreat quickly, and when they come, they hold their heads up and their chests are more sluggish when they leave.


   Jiang Lai began to think about a very important thing. He seemed to have not used the golden finger of Zhi Nao for a long time, even when he took Jiang Xuan, he had never used it.

  究其原因呢,不是他不想用,主要还是敌人不够强大,他也没法╮( ̄⊿ ̄)╭。

   The reason is not that he doesn’t want to use it, but the main reason is that the enemy is not strong enough, and he can’t ╮( ̄⊿ ̄)╭.


   Of course, this is also a good thing. He didn’t rely too much on Cheats. He didn’t want to become the kind of person who couldn’t do anything without Cheats.


   “Give me ten pounds of stone milk, it should be enough for me to exercise crazily for ten days.” Jiang Lai murmured.


   In the past few days, he just walked around and didn’t dare to be too violent. For example, running hard, jumping, and carrying a load of several hundred catties, to complete these actions, the physical consumption is very large, so large that it only uses aura It is impossible to repair body damage.


   Of course, it’s different if there is stone milk. The stone milk contains the essence of heaven and earth. Although it is not to be taken, it can quickly repair the damaged body after it is diluted and used to soak the body.


   Of course, this kind of loss is muscle strain, and muscle irreparable damage ~ is also not protected by the formation.




   The five elders on the other side were furious and returned to the Jiang clan, and then he had to put away the furious frustration immediately, and then borrowed the spirit stone in a low voice. He could not afford even five catties of stone milk by himself, so he could find someone to borrow the spirit. Stone, naturally, has a low voice.


   He can’t let Jiang Xuan leave him alone. He has two grandsons in his life. Jiang Kai has been disbanded for cultivation. Fortunately, his talent is average, which makes him feel less distressed.


   But Jiang Xuan is different. He has a talent since he was a child, and he was taught by his father himself in the forbidden place. It can be said that he is the future successor of his line, and there should be no more trouble!


   Therefore, he must rescue Jiang Xuan. Due to the existence of Jiang Shui, it is no longer possible to take it back with force, so he can only show weakness and meet Jiang Lai’s conditions.


   One catty of stone milk costs 500,000 Lingshi, and there is still no market. It does not mean that the five elders cannot afford ten catties of stone milk, but that he cannot afford it for a short time because he has not many movable assets.


   However, in the end, he finally raised six million spiritual stones. To be on the safe side, he prepared one million more.


   Then rushed to the Ling Pill Pavilion, bought ten catties of stone milk, and then went to the Pill Pill Pavilion and found Jiang Lai.


   When he saw Jiang Xuan’s limbs and jaws being unbone, the fifth elder’s face was pale. After a careful inspection, he found that the cultivation base was still alive, and he sighed in relief and took Jiang without saying a word. Spin back to the family.


   “Grandpa, Jiang Lai has a physical training method! And the realm is very deep, I can’t hurt him with all my strength.”


   The five elders were silent, and finally turned into a deep sigh, “Xuan’er, don’t trouble Jiang in the future.”


   Jiang Xuan was puzzled, and he clenched his fists. He nodded very reluctantly, hatred in his eyes.




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