Lord of Enigma: End of this testimonial



   I didn’t expect to write this so quickly, after all, I could not achieve the achievement of 4 million words.


  The secret witch ended in 3.6 million words, and I will report to everyone the final results so far: the order is more than 6,000, and the order is nearly 20,000.


   This result has exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much, and thank all readers who read the original version. I actually look at the backstage frequently. I remember the id of some readers who often vote for rewards.


   Regarding the end of this book, it is indeed a bit fast. It should have hit four million.


   But it’s not bad to end here, my creative passion is exhausted.


  Looking at the chapters left by everyone, I said that the praise for this book is concentrated in the early and mid-term, which makes me feel very sad. I have spent more energy in the later stage, and the effect is so, I am also sorry.


   In my outline, there is the root cause. When the plot is still in my head, there is actually a good tension, and it is cool enough, endless and mysterious occurrences of major events and branches. , I like it myself.


   But in the end it was reflected on paper, and the best performance was probably the “We are the light” paragraph.


   Plus I cut a lot of branches for some reason, and the final result is what it is now.


   I don’t want to rate myself. After all, I can’t change it back. I can only take the new book again.


   Looking back on the whole book, in fact, in the first and mid-term parts, I also have many regrets. For example, in “The Witch Principal”, there are not enough plots related to farming and insufficient portrayal of the students. Well, by the way, actually Teacher Eva I almost became one of the heroines, and there were branches related to her, which was reduced by me.


   In addition to this, there is a black fairy tale part, but this is not my fault, it is the force majeure from the river crab beast, and I can’t. Anyway, I kept half the effect, and the atmosphere is still there.


   There are more branches, which have to be cut off.


   This should be a situation that every author will face. Many ideas are good in their heads, but they are difficult to implement on paper… I posted some on [Salted Fish Guard], you can go and take a look. Looking at it, the description is not bad, but it is difficult to seamlessly connect to the progress of the plot at that time.


   I made a lot of mistakes in writing this book, such as I am too slow to update, I am susceptible to book reviews, and how to keep the rhythm and so on.


   I have discussed with you in the group, the next book will focus on fixing these problems.


   As for the questions that have been criticized many times, I will tell you the reason. In essence, it is still an update issue. I am basically an inspirational player. In addition, I have an unrealistic desire: I hope all my readers are satisfied. This It may be the common desire of all authors… Based on this, I often take the initiative to stand up for myself, hoping to increase the pressure and improve the chance of writing. Obviously, this is not very effective.


At the end of   , I changed this idea. I should find a more suitable way to increase the amount of updates. This will be reflected in the new book. After all, I have practiced more than three million, and I have some gains. NS.


  I have digested other creative issues myself, so I won’t talk to you all.


  Reviewing the entire book, I am most satisfied with the two plots of [Earl of Immortality] and [We are Light].




   Regarding the new book, I have accumulated a lot of ideas. There are dozens of them in a folder. A few of them make me more excited. For example, one of them, the plot of the longevity celestial dynasty that was cut, I directly expanded it into a new book idea. , I really want to write, and it should look several times better than the secret witch.


   Of course, I’m not sure in the end. I’ll start when I find the most exciting entry point.


   But I have to rest for a while. Writing this book is really exhausted. I stayed up for a long time until two or three o’clock before going to bed. I was scolded while writing. The effect was not good. I really envy those tentacles. If I have Tang Qi had so many tentacles.


   Finally, thank you very much, everyone, thank you all readers who read the original copy, you are really good, thank you everyone.


   If you have any other questions, you can directly join the group and talk to me, or follow the [Salted Fish Guard] or you can talk directly, waiting for everyone.


   Fat Fish took a rest, looking forward to meeting again.




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