Martial Peak: Postscript plus new book



I am in a complicated mood, I don’t know where to start, just write and write.


On October 17, 2012, the peak of martial arts began serialization, and on September 25, 2021, martial arts ended.


Almost nine years, 18.33 million words.


When I finished the three words of the book, the whole person seemed to be exhausted, tired, relieved, and more reluctant to give up.


Even if you raise a child, the child will grow up in the span of nine years.


For me, Wu Lian, a child who has been raised for nine years, is finally leaving me today, and it is very uncomfortable.


I often see book friends in the comment area asking when the martial arts will end. I was a junior high school student when I watched martial arts, and now my kids are all playing soy sauce…


In fact, during the martial arts creation process, there were two finalization plans, one was at the end of the Gloom Star plot, and the other was at the end of the Astral Plot, but due to some external and my own reasons, this plan was postponed. NS.


How many nine years can a person’s life be? The Xiao Mo of that year has also become the Old Mo of today.


These nine years can be said to be the most important nine years in my life.


During this period, children were born one after another, and my role in life was elevated from husband to father. In today’s society, the cost of having children is too great. Without martial arts, there would be no money for children’s diapers and milk powder.


So, here, on behalf of the little Mos at home, Lao Mo would like to bow and thank all the book friends and friends. Thank you for your unwavering support over the past nine years. It is your subscription and reward time and time again. Let us grow healthily!


Thank you sincerely!


Nine years, 18.33 million words, the calculation speed is not fast, especially in the later period, everyone should be able to notice that the update has become very slow.


Because the countdown to the end was already at that time. Firstly, the plot is very complicated and troublesome, and there are too many things to consider. Secondly, I really can’t bear to write one more chapter. It means that the distance is over. One step further, even if the plan is already in mind, when it is actually implemented, it is still extremely tangled.


But, after all, I have to say goodbye…


Today, Wu Lian is officially over. The text I typed with the keyboard in the future has nothing to do with it. This is a very sad thing after all.


Looking back on the past nine years, what I am most proud of is that I have never stopped updating (I did an Oolong one a few days ago and sent the chapter of martial arts to the new book created, causing many misunderstandings) , Even if I was sick and hospitalized, I didn’t stop.


The acute gastroenteritis was very serious. I stayed in the hospital for a week. The needle was still coded when the needle was given. As a result, the needle in my hand was misplaced several times, and my hand was swollen like a steamed bun. The young lady received several more shots after scolding.


Hey, I have a lot to say, but I don’t know where to start, my thoughts are messy…


So be it.


Finally, the new book has been released. As an old author who hasn’t published a new book for nine years, now I don’t understand the rules for publishing a book at the beginning, but no matter what the rules are, I can’t do without you in the end. Strong support from brothers and sisters.


The old era has passed, and the new era is about to come. I sincerely ask you all to move to the new book and support me a lot.


When Wu Lian was creating, there were many novel and interesting ideas. Because they did not conform to the world view and power system of Wu Lian, they were not used, but they were all presented in the new book.


If I can see familiar faces in the new book, it will be my greatest comfort.






PS: The new book “The Great Sage of Humanity” has been released, begging for your support! ! !


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