Release that Witch Chapter 2: Anna the Witch (Part 1)



   The next time he locked himself in the room, and remembered the world well, the dinner was brought directly by the servant.


   Under the strong desire to live, Roland abruptly suppressed the fear and discomfort of the strange environment after crossing. He is very clear in his heart that if he has more information as soon as possible, he can reduce the risk of exposure.


   I have to say that there is nothing in the fourth prince’s head other than fooling around with the group of elder brothers. Roland turned over and over and did not recall any valuable information-such as the nobles’ knowledge, political situation, neighboring country diplomacy, etc. . As for some basic common sense, such as city names and major event years, he also couldn’t connect with the European history he knew.


   It seems that this person is absolutely missed the throne. Maybe the King of Greycastle knows this too, so he should be thrown into such a ghost place. destroy.


   And those brothers and sisters… Roland thought about it a little bit, and all that was left was dumbfounding.


   The eldest brother is powerful, the second brother is very sinister, the third sister is fierce, and the fifth sister is too smart. This is the impression left by the fourth prince before. What should he say? After more than ten years of getting along, the final impression is summed up in just a few words. They don’t know what forces they have cultivated, who their capable subordinates are, and what they are good at.


   has only been in Border Town for three months, and the nobles here no longer conceal their contempt. It can be seen that the four princes are indeed not a leader. Fortunately, when he left the royal city, Wimbledon III also included a man and a martial artist to assist him, otherwise it would be really a shame.


   Early the next morning, the maid Tyr reminded Roland repeatedly that the assistant minister wanted to see herself. It seemed that he couldn’t delay any longer. He touched two hands of the maid’s **** as he remembered, and asked her to tell Barov to go to the living room and wait.


   Seeing Tyre walking out the door with a blushing face, Roland suddenly remembered, since it is farming, would it be accompanied by a system or something? He yawned and meditated the system dozens of times in his mind, but the fart did not happen.


   As expected, all novels are deceptive.




   Barov, who was waiting in the living room, was already fidgeting. When he saw Roland showing up, he greeted him, “His Royal Highness, why didn’t you order the execution of the hanging yesterday?”


   “What does it matter early and night?” Roland clapped his hands and ordered the waiter to have breakfast, “Sit down and speak slowly.”


   seems to match the impression in memory. He thinks that the chief knight always likes to question face to face when encountering problems, while the assistant minister will explain it to himself in private. In any case, the two people’s loyalty to themselves is still reliable-although it is likely to be for the king’s sake.


  ”One day later, other witches may be attracted, Your Royal Highness! This is different from the previous trivial things, you can’t let your temper be messed up!”


  ”Why do you even say this?” Roland frowned and asked, “I thought you could distinguish between rumors and facts.”


  Barov looked confused, “What rumors?”


   “Evil witch, messenger of the devil,” Roland said disapprovingly, “Isn’t this all the church propaganda? I want them not to interfere here, I think it’s better to do it the other way. They propagate witches. Evil, we don’t hunt witches, and we have to advertise to the people in the territory that these are shameless rumors spread by the church.”


  Barov was stunned, “But…but the witch does…”


  ”Really evil?” Roland asked, “For example?”


  The assistant minister was silent for a moment, seeming to wonder if the prince deliberately made him happy, “His Royal Highness, this issue can be discussed later, I know you don’t like the church, but this kind of resistance will only backfire.”


   It seems that reversing stereotypes cannot be done overnight. Roland curled his lips, but did not continue to care about this.


   At this time, breakfast is on the table, a dish of fried bread slices, a dish of fried eggs, and a can of milk. He first filled a cup for the minister’s assistant and pushed it to the other side.


   “You haven’t eaten yet? Say it while you are eating.” According to the maid, Barov rushed to the palace to see him just before dawn. He probably hasn’t eaten yet. Although he decided to imitate the fourth prince’s way of doing things first, the change has to be done a little bit. Assistant ministers are a good target. He thinks that by making his men feel that you value them, they will be more motivated to work for you.


   Subjective agency is always the most efficient, isn’t it?


  Barov took the cup but didn’t drink it. He said anxiously, “Your Highness, we are in trouble. Three days ago, a guard reported that a camp where witches were sleeping in the forest in the west had been found. They walked in a hurry, no Clean up the remaining traces. The guards found this in the camp.”


  He took a coin from his arms and put it in front of Roland.


   That is not a common currency, at least in Roland’s memory, he has never seen such a currency-it is not even like a metal product.


   pinched it in his hand, and he was surprised to find that this thing was heating up. It was definitely not the residual temperature of the minister’s assistant. The heat was at least forty degrees. This moment reminded him of the warm baby.


   “What is this?”


   “I thought it was just an evil thing made by a certain witch, but the matter is more serious than I thought,” Barov wiped his forehead, “The pattern on it…is the mark of the holy mountain and the magic eye , This is the emblem of the Witch Association.”


   Roland rubbed the uneven surface of the coin, guessing that it was probably made of ceramics. The center of the coin does depict a “mountain” pattern-three triangles side by side, with an eye in the center of the triangle. The outline of the pattern is very rough and should be polished by hand.


   He recalled the two terms “Holy Mountain and Demon Eye” and “Witch’s Co-aid Association”, but did not find any relevant information. It seems that the four princes added zero to the occult.


  Barov didn’t expect Roland to know. He continued, “His Royal Highness, you have not seen a real witch, so you don’t take them seriously. Indeed, they will also be injured and bleed. They are not harder to kill than ordinary people. Death, but that is a witch who cannot resist. The lifespan of the witch who receives the devil’s call will become very short, but it will also gain terrible The average person can’t match it. Once the witch reaches adulthood, even the army will pay. A heavy price. Their desires are almost uncontrollable, and they all degenerate into the devil’s minions.”


  ”The church therefore formed a trial army. If a woman is found to be a witch, she can be arrested and executed. The king also agrees with this. In fact, these measures have been effective. The number of witch incidents has been much less than a hundred years ago. The rumors of the holy mountain, or the gate of hell, are ancient books from that era.”


   Roland nibbled the bread, sneered in his heart. Although the background of this world is very different from what I know, the trajectory of historical development is still surprisingly similar. The church is the church, he knows that religion is the devil’s minions, the real source of evil. Put to death if you find any signs? Combining law, arrest, trial, and punishment in the name of God is a kind of degradation in itself.


  ”An ancient book records that witches can only gain real peace when they go to the holy mountain. There is no backlash of magic power, nor will they be trapped by skyrocketing desires. There is no doubt that the holy mountain in the book must be evil. The birthplace, the entrance of the world to hell. I think only **** will not punish these fallen people.”


  ”What about the Witch’s Association? What does it have to do with the holy mountain?”


  Barov said with a bitter face, “Before the witches fled or lived in seclusion, they all acted alone. However, the mutual aid associations that have appeared in recent years are different. They want to gather all the witches together to find the holy Shan. For this purpose, the people of the Association will even take the initiative to induce others to become witches. Didn’t there have been a collective disappearance of female babies in Bishuigang a year ago? There are rumors that they did it~ Book friends are welcome to visit us. Read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all at mobile phone users, please go to read.


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