The Magic Thief Chapter 1:



Sunlight came in from between the iron railings. The morning air slightly washed away some of the musty smell in the cell overnight. The humid air brought more water to the cell walls covered with mottled moss. Although the light did not Not quite adequate, but the moss on the wall grows well.


The cell in the morning is always full of sounds.


The prisoners who had slept for a day were impatiently knocking on the iron railings. The jailers had long been accustomed to this situation. Except for the two energetic prisoners who made the most noise in the prison, they scolded a few words with their hands. His long baton hit the iron railing twice, and the other guards were chatting there.


The guard who had been on the night shift all night was waiting for the shift guard to take his place.


They have no spare time to care about with those prisoners.


The prisoners with handyman in the cell were called out one by one.


The jailer puts light shackles on them and lets them start work.


These criminals have relatively light crimes and are less courageous, so they are easy to use.


Many of these handyman prisoners have not yet grown up. They are the youngest group in prison. If they were younger, they would not be locked up here.


In the most remote and darkest cell in the prison, Brother Faying is the only prisoner still sleeping.


He is not at all interested in the dog food in the prison. Today should be the day he is released from prison.


Brother Faying, who has a fiery red hair, is the only juvenile delinquent in the prison who is underage but does not need to do handyman duties.


“Dang, dang, dang” the jailer knocked on the iron fence of Brother Franco and Britain’s cell with a deafening sound.


“Boy, get up, pack your things, you can go out.” said the jailer.


Said the jailer took off the set of keys hanging from his waist and opened the cell door.


“Boy, see you later.” said a shaggy prisoner.


“Next time I come in, don’t occupy my bed.” Brother Faying said.


“Hey, don’t forget, come in and bring me a blanket next time.” another old prisoner yelled.


“Sure, but you give me the blanket money first.”




Looking at Brother Faying still chatting with the prisoner, the jailer became a little impatient.


He stabbed Faying in the shoulder with a long iron-clad wooden pole and said, “Quickly, what are you talking about? Anyway, you have to come back every few months, if you have something to say next time.”


Brother Faying left the quilt and blanket to the other prisoners and walked out of the cell.


Along the way, the prisoners in the cage nearby greeted Brother Faying.


“See you next time.”


“How long will you be back?”


“Send a letter for me to go home…”


“Go and come back soon.”




Hearing the noise of these prisoners, the jailer was bored. He hated these years of prisoners the most, these rotten scumbags.


Thinking of this, he once again pushed Faying with the iron-headed wood in his hand and said, “Go, go.”


When I arrived at the warden’s office, the warden glanced at Brother Faying. This is a guy who uses the prison as a hotel and frequents. He has nothing to say, and the warden doesn’t plan to spend anything. With tongue, he quickly signed the release certificate of French and British brothers.


“You can go, but I know you will be back soon, won’t you?” the warden said in a letter.


“Yes, yes, I hope the food here will be a little better next time I come in.” Faying answered with a smile on his face.


The warden was not happy when he heard this. He turned his head and said to the guard: “Take him out.”


Hearing the warden’s order, the jailer immediately kicked Faying out of the prison gate.


The heavy iron gate slammed shut behind Faying.


Brother Faying shrugged, patted the dust on his body, and walked straight to the city center.


For every street in the city, Brother Faying couldn’t be more familiar with, but he was not in a hurry to return to the nest.


Brother Faying walked around the street and turned into the clothing store at the south entrance of the street.


There was no one else in the cloakroom, so Faying patted the bell in front of the counter.


With a string of crisp bells, the small door in front of the counter opened, and the owner walked out of the low door.


When he saw Brother Faying, he said happily: “Ah, you came out! Today is the day you came out, I forgot.”


“Give me a new set of clothes and tell the old man that I am out, and I will walk around in the street first.” Brother Faying said.


“Yeah, it’s just a coincidence. I don’t have one of your size. One is slightly fatter. You wear it first.” As the shopkeeper got into the low door behind him, he soon brought a 70% new set. Clothes.


“Yes, yes, let’s get there.” Brother Faying nodded and said.


Taking up the clothes, Faying walked into the fitting room and soon got dressed.


Faying, who changed his outfit, looked extremely energetic.


Walking on the streets and lanes, Brother Faying looked at the pedestrians around him. After three months in prison, people have taken off their thick winter clothes and put on light, close-fitting spring clothes.


“Brother Faying, is that you?” There was a voice behind him.


Brother Faying looked back and found that it was Jain Kuaishou under South Street Beta.


“It’s been three months for this trip, right?” Jayne said with a grin.


“Yes, I’m almost unable to recognize the way back.” Faying Brother Zhengshou didn’t know the current situation.


“Oh, a new shop has opened in the south of the city. I heard that the stuff is good, it’s all silk and leather.” Jayne said.


“Thanks, I will turn around.”


“I wish you a great time.”


Brother Faying got the news and immediately walked south of the city. He couldn’t be more familiar with this city. Just like most shops know who he is, Brother Faying also knows that every store sells. What kind of person is the shopkeeper? The guy is very vigilant, and what kind of customers come to the door.


So, without Jayne’s advice, Faying quickly knew where the new store was.


Sure enough, the shopkeeper of the new store didn’t know him, but two of the guys were locals.


Brother Faying knew that he had to start quickly, and when the two buddies didn’t see him, he would find the target as soon as possible.


This shop sells high-end goods such as perfumes and jewelry. Indeed, as Jayne said, the customers who come and go are rich people wearing silk or precious furs.


These people’s carriages are parked at the entrance of the store, and servants are following them, so it is not easy to start.


However, this is not difficult for Brother Faying. Riding no one to notice, Brother Faying sneaked into the shop and made a circle. When he came out, he already had two purses in his pocket.


Faying was quite satisfied with the harvest, and ducked into the alley on the side of the street to see if there was no one on the left and right, and took out the money bag and counted today’s harvest.


As for the two empty wallets, Brother Faying would never put them on him, so he threw the empty wallets in the alley.


Taking a pocket full of coins, Francois was content to walk to the lair.


When he stepped into the alley in front of the old nest, someone immediately noticed him.


“Brother Faying, it’s really you.”


“Welcome back.”


“Jayne said you are back, I didn’t believe it…”


“How are you feeling today? Jayne said you went to Nancheng.”


Hearing this, Faying patted his pocket hard, and the clear and loud sound of coin collision was more convincing than anything else.


“If you have the ability, open the door on the first day.”


“Brother French and British, you have the ability.”




Amidst the noise of the crowd, Brother Faying was crowded back to the nest.


The old nest is a three-story building built in a deep alley. It is no different from the other three-story buildings in the city. It is simple and crude as long as people can live in it.


Because the alleys are too deep and there is not enough sunlight, the small rooms are extremely messy, and they don’t look much better than the prison cells.


However, in the eyes of Brother Faying, this is his real home.


“Brother Faying?” With an old question, a short old man walked downstairs.


I saw that he was a little bald, his gray hair was sparsely scattered on both sides of his cheeks, and his beard was also sparsely sparsely sparse. He was wearing old black clothes and his feet had been worn out to shine.


“Welcome back.” The old man said.


“You are not dead yet.” Brother Faying said with a smile.


“When I die, no one will hold a welcome party for you.” The old man also said with a smile.


“You are dead, we have a welcome party every day.” Brother Faying said.


“Okay, no kidding, you got a good harvest today, take it!” The old man spread his hand.


Brother Faying grabbed a handful of coins and put them in the old man’s hand.


“This is not enough. I haven’t bought the wine tonight.” The old man shook his head and said.


“Old vampire.” Brother Faying cursed with a smile, took out all the money in his pocket, and turned his pockets upside down at the end.


“You go take a shower first. Old Pi has already brought the fitted clothes. It’s a bit old, but it looks really good.” The old man said.


Faying smiled and followed the old man’s arrangement.


The hot bath is the only fun that I can’t enjoy in the prison. For the past three months, Franco and Engel barely took a shower with warm water slightly hotter than cold water. Therefore, when he returned to the nest, the first thing that Franco and Engel thought of was Soak in the bath well.


This kind of enjoyment made Faying completely forget the time. When someone called him, the sky had gradually dimmed.


Brother Faying put on new clothes. The old man said it was pretty good. The clothes were a bit old but the style was really good. It’s a pity that this suit is only worn for today’s occasions. Walking on the street is too conspicuous.


The neatly dressed French-English brother walked into the hall. The hall was already ready. On the table in the middle was a big barrel, exuding the aroma of wine.


I haven’t drunk for three months. For Francois, this is the second place in his reservation list and needs to be enjoyed.


As for the food, although it is not a luxurious meal, it is quite rich.


Barbecue, roast chicken, large fish, and a pot of simmered lamb are definitely a great temptation for the French and British brother who has eaten a three-month prison meal.


However, Brother Faying was not in a hurry to do it. He tasted all the dishes, poured himself a glass of beer, and then sat at the door to watch the little brothers who were coming home.


The news of Brother Faying’s return has apparently spread among this group of people. Before it was completely dark, the little brothers came home one by one.


Every time they saw Brother Faying sitting at the door drinking beer, they would come up to greet him.


The inside of the old lair soon became noisy.


The old nest at night is the favorite place of French and British brothers. Although Faying is young, he is the foreman of the “golden fingers” in the nest.


The old man’s name is Paim, and he is the head here, specializing in their group of “gold fingers.”


Brother Faying didn’t know. In the past three months, several new brothers joined here. Now there are at least thirty or forty people in the nest. It looks like it was two years ago. Divide a group of people into a new nest and go to another city to ask for a living.


Brother Faying looked at the little brothers who were eager to return home, and thought to himself. Just now, the old man told himself, don’t drink too much, and there will be things to tell himself later.


Does this matter want to lead a group of brothers and stand on their own? 


Brother Faying wondered that he knew the old man at the age of six, and followed him on the street to pay, from eyeliner, to bridge hand, and finally to the golden finger. Seeing that twelve years have passed, the old nest is split up. It was demolished four times.


The former foremen have already been separated. Some of them have been quite successful. They have stood up their heels on the outside, and some have overturned their boats.


If you are given out, what kind of destiny is waiting for you? 


Finying wondered.


If you really divide the nest, who are willing to follow yourself? Where is the right place to open up a new site? 


Nangang is the best wharf nearby, but Nangang has extremely strict law and order, and the second foreman who was assigned was overturned there. Brother Faying still remembers the miserable look he saw when he quietly collected his body.


Surthburg has the most wealthy people, but it is the earl’s territory, so you must guard against wars.


Piton and Bart are too poor to support people.


Thinking about it, Faying frowned secretly, and now it’s not a good time to separate.


He can only count as one step.


Just when Brother Faying could think of it, a little brother came over with a pot of barbecue and said: “Boss, if you don’t go there, you will lose all the good things.”


Brother Faying smiled. Indeed, at this time, if you can be happy one day, you will be happy one day, and wait until there is no way to go. This is the way of life of a golden finger. The big deal is to eat and live in prison at most, and you may not starve to death.


Fa and Ying joined the battle for food. After all, today is the day to celebrate his homecoming, and he is the protagonist of this banquet.


If the protagonist of the banquet hasn’t eaten good food and is hungry, then it’s too unreasonable.


Brother Faying remembers the old man’s orders after all. Although the beer is enjoyable, he always pays attention to temperance. However, for forty or fifty people, a barrel of wine is not necessarily enough, so Faying even wants to There is not enough beer for him to get drunk.


Fortunately, the number of dishes is enough to fill the stomachs of these people.


The old nest is noisy as usual. Every day in this place is like a holiday, because everyone knows to enjoy today as much as possible. As for tomorrow, that’s tomorrow.


For everyone who has survived today, this event itself is quite worthy of celebration.


Usually there are not so many delicious foods. Now that there is beer to add to the fun, everyone is even more arguing.


When he was full and drunk, Brother Faying didn’t forget the old man’s instructions. He went up to the third floor and opened the door of the old man’s room.


The old man’s bedroom is the neatest in the lair, and there are still a few pictures on the wall.


Brother Faying knows that behind those paintings is the place where the old man hides things.


Leaning against the west wall, there are a series of bookshelves lined up. Brother Faying still can’t figure it out. Why is the old man looking for so many books?


Brother Faying knows the details of the old man.


The old man has no knowledge, at most he knows two words, and he can read official notices fluently.


He doesn’t know so much knowledge like Eckert, these books are simply put here.


Brother Faying saw that there was no one in the bedroom, so he took a book from the shelf without hesitation.


Reading is not a pastime that French and British brothers like. He would rather sleep with his head covered than reading.


It’s just that he’s quite interested in the old man’s slick books.


Brother Faying looked at the cover of the book.


“On the Relationship between Divinity and Reason.”


Brother Faying couldn’t figure out what divinity is, and what reason is.


He opened the book and read it, but after not reading a few lines, he felt dizzy.


Brother Faying hurriedly threw the book back to the shelf. He thought to himself that this kind of thing must be beyond the understanding of the old man. For the old man, this book is definitely no different from a heavenly book.


As he pondered, the door opened and the old man walked in from outside.


“What do you want me for?” Brother Faying asked bluntly.


“Ah, it’s just a small matter.” The old man turned around and closed the door, carefully looking out the window.


When he was sure that there was no one on the stairs, and all his men gathered around the dining table to eat, the old man closed the window and closed the curtains.


Seeing what the old man did, Faying knew in his heart that it would definitely not be a trivial matter as the old man said.


Sure enough, seeing the old man with no one around was still not at ease, he leaned in front of Brother Faying and whispered: “The boss, let us find a new face. Smaller and easier to control.”


“Girl?” Faying asked.


“No, a man, two years younger than you, looks cleaner,” the old man said.


“Are the important people from Eckert again?” Brother Faying immediately understood what happened.


Such things have happened twice before, and Eckert is going to use his raw face to make big business.


“Why didn’t Eckert look for it by himself?” Faying asked.


“This matter should not be known to too many people. Eckert is inconvenient to show up. He is a think tank, and he has to rely on you and me to work. There are not many people who know this matter, except for the head, Eckert, It’s just you and me. Your tone is very tight. The boss is quite at ease with you, so I leave it to you to find someone,” the old man said.


“Give a range, don’t find someone who is recognized by the person who wants to start, that’s interesting.” Brother Faying said. In fact, this kind of worry is really necessary. There was such a mistake a few years ago. I found a substitute and was recognized by the other’s subordinates. The two hapless guys are still in prison.


“Look around here, don’t ask about others, find someone with a clean life experience and not muddy.” The old man exclaimed.


“How much time do you give me?”


The old man pondered for a long time and said: “Three days.”


Brother Faying, who fell to the ground with a big rock in his heart, didn’t ask any more, he left the old man’s room.


Brother Faying’s bedroom is beside the aisle between the third floor and the second floor. Except for the old man’s room, his bedroom is on the top floor, where the gold finger foreman lived.


Brother Faying returned to the bedroom he had not returned for three months.


Open the door and the bedroom is fairly clean. It seems that the old man has ordered someone to clean it.


Brother Faying’s room is no different from the places where other golden fingers live downstairs. Apart from an extra table and less dampness, it is no different from the cells used to live in the prison.


Faying took off his jacket and put it on the table, then lay down on the bed.


Perhaps because he drank beer, maybe because he was a little excited today, Faying was not sleepy at all. He was lying on the bed thinking about what the old man had just said to him.


Brother Franco and Ying knows that the boss must plan a big action, and the action executed by Eckert himself has always brought huge rewards.


Maybe this way, there will be enough funds to maintain the current nest, and perhaps the division of nests can be slowed down.


In fact, from the people the old man asked him to find, Faying can roughly guess what Eckert is going to perform.


This kind of thing has been seen several times in his career as a gold finger.


Eckert must have made the new face impersonate the son of a rich man who just died, so as to inherit a large inheritance.


When the newcomer was able to enjoy so many things that he might not be able to enjoy in his whole life when he thought of the newcomer during the role as heir, Faying really envied him, he could only get the pleasure of it through imagination.


But if you really have to let Franco-English play such a role, Franco-English will never agree to it.


Brother Franco and British have heard of this kind of action several times. Although those newcomers were fragrant and drunk during the days when they were heirs, they became useless when everything was over. Waste, and it is extremely hazardous waste.


Although the boss doesn’t like to kill people very much, but this simplest method is still used frequently.


Even if the newcomers can escape this fate, the boss will throw them far, far away.


The obedient newcomer can get a small amount of money to make ends meet.


Those who are out of control are either destroyed or sold to foreign black market merchants as slaves.


I heard that the newcomers trained by Eckert are very rare commodities for those foreign black market merchants.


Thinking about it, Faying fell asleep.


When I woke up the next day, the sun was already high.


When Brother Faying put on his coat and walked downstairs, the leftover food from the welcome party last night was piled up and burned a pot of chowder.


This kind of thing is usually a rare delicacy for cheaters.


However, today’s French and British brothers do not have such a mood.


He was so messed up that he filled his stomach and walked out of the lair.


Faying is already quite proficient in finding newbies. Many of his golden fingers were found in the slums.


However, according to the requirements of the old man, such newcomers are difficult to find in the slums.


The years of hunger and thirst have made the children from the slums always have a sense of horror about life.


Just like myself, full of distrust of everything.


Eckert needs a clean newcomer, and a nicer one.


It’s not difficult for Faying to find such a person.


There are many child laborers in the city. Most of them are children from families who come here to ask for a living. They are lucky enough to find a job that feeds their stomachs.


Among them, Nancheng has the most people.


That’s because Nangang is the most prosperous town nearby and the largest pier in the south.


There are many shops and restaurants open there.


Those who are good-looking and clever can easily find a restaurant in Nangang to serve as a chauffeur, or find a place in front of a counter in the shop.


Working in a restaurant is the minimum to fill your stomach. If you do well, you can sometimes get a tip.


As for working in the shop, it’s even luckier.


The skilled clerk is only a short distance away from the shopkeeper.


After more than ten years of work, I will probably be able to rise to the position of the second shopkeeper.


So these people can be called the lucky ones among the bitter children. They have a good longing and yearning for life. Among these people, we should be able to find new people that Eckert wants.


Thinking of this, Faying decided to leave for Nangang.


Although Nangang is near Lai Er, it is also 70 kilometers away from Lai Er. From Nangang to Lai, it is considered a long journey for ordinary people. It is definitely necessary to prepare luggage and bring enough money.


However, this is completely unnecessary for a top gold finger like French and British.


Brother Faying walked out of the city gate and slowly strolled along the road to Nangang. He was waiting for the stagecoach leading to Nangang.


Nangang is a big wharf, and there are countless horse-drawn carriages going there every day.


As long as you act swiftly, you can climb onto the luggage rack behind the stagecoach without paying attention. The luggage racks full of luggage block all the driver’s sight and you won’t be spotted at all.


In this way, you can easily take a ride on the ride to Nangang.


Lai Er to Nangang is indeed a busy route.


It didn’t take long for Brother Faying to hear the sound of wheels crushing the road and the sound of neatly rhythmic horseshoes in the distance behind him.


Brother Faying dodged behind the big tree on the side of the road.


Stage coach drivers don’t like them, minors wandering on the road alone.


Because every coachman knows that these kids are probably the ones who want to ride a ride.


For them, these coachmen will definitely pay twelve attention.


Brother Faying knew the trick. He hid behind the big tree and waited for the carriage to pass by.


When the carriage passed by the tree, Faying quickly jumped onto the stage carriage.


Brother Faying was comfortable enjoying the horse-drawn carriage running wildly.


The trees that flew backwards on both sides, the strong wind blowing in the face, and the occasional bump or two that were caused by uneven roads.


To be honest, if it wasn’t for fear that the coachman would detect it, Faying really wanted to shout twice.


Brother Faying once thought about getting a stagecoach by himself in the future.


If you take the golden route from Surthburg to Southport, you can earn four or five silver coins every day, except for expenses. Then one thousand eight hundred silver coins a year is equal to one hundred and eighty gold coins. In six years, he will be able to earn back the money of the carriage.


If it is well maintained, a carriage can last for about ten years.


As long as you think about earning nearly two hundred gold coins every year, Faying will be excited.


However, Brother Faying knows that this is just wishful thinking. A carriage costs seven or eight hundred gold coins, which is not something he can afford.


Brother Faying has never used his brains on his prey.


It was quite stupid. Brother Faying knew that the old man knew every theft that happened on the street, and he knew exactly how much money the owner lost.


It might be okay to get a gold coin or two from it, but it won’t work if you have more.


Brother Faying has not known how many times he has seen it. The most basic punishment for the old man to deal with those unruly golden fingers is to cut his fingers.


As for those who dare to resist or even run away, the bottom of the big river to the east is the final destination of these people.


No one can hide from the old man, and no one can hide from the chase order issued by the boss.


There is a person under the boss who makes everyone fearful.


As long as I think of Kyle, even a brave fellow like Brother Faying can’t help shaking.


That Kellle can be said to be the strongest assassin in the Kingdom of France, and no one can escape his pursuit.


This is also the reason why the boss can sit in this position for 30 years. It is also the lord of the Southport United Union and the lord of Searthburg, knowing that the lair of this wide-ranging thieves’ union in the south is in Lai. , This southern town, which is neither the largest nor the smallest, has never launched a large-scale cleanup operation.


Neither of them wanted to, and somehow lost their lives in their sleep.


Furthermore, there has never been a thieves’ guild from outside that can establish a foothold in the south, and this is also due to Kyle.


So any behavior that deceives the boss and the old man seems so stupid.


Perhaps the only way to raise such a sum of money without breaking the rules is to wait until the nest is divided and go out by yourself.


But there are many other problems waiting for me after I split the nest, maybe the situation will be more difficult than it is now.


On the way to Nangang, Brother Franco and Ying were always there thinking wildly.


But he did not forget his mission.


When the stagecoach was about to enter Nangang, Brother Faying quietly jumped out of the carriage, and the next one kilometer was used to move his stiff limbs.


Brother Faying walked along the post road towards Nangang.


Nangang is a big city ten times bigger than Lai.


At the same time, Nangang is also an emerging city with a short history.


Like all emerging cities, Nangang is full of vigor and vigor, and it is inevitably a little messy.


Looking down from the hillside, Nangang lined up in a crescent-shaped arc along the coastline. The road branches are far less tidy than Lay, let alone compared to the rigorous Sirthburg.


There are dozens of piers, large and small, on the curved coastline, and countless ships are moored at the piers waiting to load and unload cargo.


Countless workers are busy on the dock.


In the place close to the dock, spacious warehouses are built everywhere.


The workers pushed the trolleys in and out, and the goods that were about to be loaded on the ship were scattered and piled on the dock.


The ore and wood destined for Xibai, and the cloth and grain destined for Yi Lei are all piled on the crowded wharf.


And unloaded from those ships are the famous horses and barrels of fine wine in Xibai, as well as the dazzling exquisite silks, blankets, and various glassware transported by Ilei.


I heard the old man say that in addition to glassware, those silks and blankets were shipped from farther away.


The businessman in the Yi Lei Kingdom who manages these things is the richest man he has ever heard of.


Brother Faying was so envious that he looked at those gorgeous and extravagant things, at the silk blankets wrapped in thick linen, and at the sturdy wooden boxes. The workers were cautious. When he picked up the dropped glassware, Faying was extremely envious.


Every one of those things is worth more than two or three times as much as the carriage he dreams of.


But despite salivating, Faying knew that it was something he couldn’t get rid of.


Even a supernatural figure like the head has never had any idea about these things.


Even if these things are successfully stolen, there is no way to sell them.


No merchant would be willing to buy such expensive goods of unknown origin. They dare not offend Nangang’s joint trade union that specializes in these goods. That is not worth the gain.


The theft of these valuable commodities will also greatly anger the Nangang United Labor Union. This is the only thing they cannot tolerate. The boss didn’t want the relationship with Nangang to be so rigid.


For the thieves’ union, the prosperous Nangang is a guarantee for them to live better.


Brother Francois turned his gaze to the bustling streets.


That is where Nangang attracts him most.


There are a lot of wealthy people in Nangang, and their wallets are always so full.


There is no lair in Nangang. Since the foreman was captured by the security team formed by the United Trade Union and killed him, no one has set up a lair in Nangang.


The security team in Nangang is quite powerful, all wearing plain clothes. I heard that if they catch the thief, they can get one-fifth of the lost items from the owner. Therefore, the members of the security team in Nangang are quite willing to The thief was caught in prison.


For thieves, Nangang’s prison is directly connected to the gallows.


The prison in Nangang is not used to detain thieves. There are bankrupt businessmen, debt bearers who owe debts, and unscrupulous businessmen who have disrupted Nangang’s trade.


There is no place for thieves, hooligans, or crooks.


Brother Faying warned himself secretly, it’s better to be careful.


Walking into Nangang, Nangang is different from Lai. It is an open city, without the towering walls and wide gates like Lai’s.


The periphery of Nangang is the poorest place.


The simple bungalows are where the dock workers live. It is really only slightly better than the prison cells and slums.


Nangang has no planned drainage facilities, so muddy streets and stinking dirty puddles can often be seen here.


Go through the periphery of Nangang to the bustling street.


This is a completely different world. The streets are filled with all kinds of shops, and all kinds of luxurious signs can be seen everywhere.


Even the most high-end shops in Lai have at most hung a delicate blanket at the door to decorate the facade, which is already quite a face.


But in Nangang, blankets and silk curtains can be seen everywhere. Most of the signs are copper plaques with hollowed out and gilded or exquisite and elegant lacquer archway.


There are even two large vases standing in front of some of the most luxurious shops. They are artworks from distant places transported from Yi Lei.


As for the shop facades decorated with peacock tail feathers and pheasant feathers that Faying had never seen before, this place is already extremely shabby.


Walking on this dazzling bustling street, Faying feels that he has also become a rich man.


He watched the pedestrians coming and going.


Nangang is a prosperous city. Most of the people walking on the streets are dressed in glamorous clothes. The clothes on Brother Faying don’t look very conspicuous in this place.


People come and go on the streets, and gorgeous silks and precious animal furs are nothing at all in this place.


Those foreign talents in fancy clothes are the most conspicuous group of people.


There is no stagnant water in the piers and bustling commercial streets of Nangang, but horse-drawn carriages are not welcome in Nangang, because horse-drawn carriages will bring stagnant water from other places to these places.


In the most prosperous place in Nangang, you can see a long string of open-covered carriages slowly moving forward.


It’s free.


I remember the first time I came to Nangang, Faying was quite surprised by this new thing.


But now that Brother Faying is not as ignorant as before, he jumped into a slow-moving public carriage.


As the carriage moved slowly, Faying comfortably admired the scenery on both sides.


On both sides of the bustling streets of Nangang, in addition to shops selling scaryly expensive goods, there are also many restaurants with luxurious decorations and elegant furnishings.


Brother France and Britain got out of the wagon in the most prosperous commercial center and wandered around.


In Nangang shops, customers will not open their mouths, and the clerk will not greet them on the initiative. If you visit the shop casually, even if you don’t buy anything, the clerk will not be dissatisfied.


Therefore, this kind of thing is quite common in Nangang from this store to that store, and this is called Wangmalu in Nangang.


Brother Faying temporarily joined the crowd walking on the road, and every time he went to a store, Brother Faying would get in and take a good stroll.


Most of the shops in Nangang are decorated very luxuriously, and the clerk employed is also quite outstanding. In the eyes of Brother Francis, everyone is very suitable for the role of a newcomer.


To gain a foothold in the most prosperous store in Nangang, being clever and knowing how to comply with customers must be the minimum requirements, and a neat appearance is also indispensable.


It’s just that Faying doesn’t know what their personalities are? Is it easy to control, is it bold enough to take on the role of a newcomer, yet dare not betray.


At the same time, people who have been in this place for a long time are equally inappropriate. Although the old man said that it should not be wrong to find nearby, but if the person next to the character to be played has been to Nangang, then the possibility of mistakes is quite Big.


Just when Brother Faying looked at it, there was no one who was particularly satisfied.


Suddenly I heard someone screaming from behind: “You are being lazy again. You don’t listen to you after a few times. Be careful I will drive you out.”


Brother Faying looked back and saw a slightly hunched middle-aged man standing behind him screaming at a fifteen or sixteen-year-old child.


The child’s fearful eyes caught the attention of Brother Faying.


I saw that child’s innocent face showed a panic and frightened expression, his body retracted as if he wanted to hide in the darkness behind him, his hands were tightly held in front of his chest, he twisted nervously, and his head was lowered. Staring at the ground, avoiding the middle-aged man’s gaze.


“What’s the matter?” A bald fat man turned out from behind the counter. The fat man was very neatly dressed, although not luxurious, it was not cheap.


“I just asked him to move the porcelain into the window. It was a batch of goods that just arrived this month. This kid has been lingering for a long time.” The middle-aged man said respectfully.


“Then you don’t need to yell, what if you startle the customer?” said the fat man.


“Yes, yes, yes, but this kid is lazy all day long, I think it’s better to find another one,” the middle-aged man said.


“Far It’s your blessing to do what I do here. The old club sees you pitifully and takes you in. You have to do things carefully and repay the old club. You have to find a way to get rid of the old problem of being in a daze when doing things. If something really goes wrong, I can only I drove you away. You know, you don’t have a place to go when you leave here, you know? Let’s go to work.”


After saying this, the fat man turned around and said to the middle-aged man: “No matter what you encounter in the future, you are not allowed to yell, do you understand? Harmony makes money, you have done more than a dozen here. It’s been years, and I don’t even understand this truth.”


Speaking, the fat man went back behind the counter to do his own thing.


“Go back to work!” the middle-aged man shouted at the child.


Brother Faying looked at things all the time, thinking that this kid was a very suitable candidate.


But he was not in a hurry to decide, turned around and walked out of the store, remembering the sign of the store clearly in his heart, and then went to the street again.


Anyway, there are three days, and Brother Faying is not in a hurry to get things done.


It’s a rare visit to Nangang. Brother Faying gave himself a vacation. He left the commercial street and wandered around the two small streets next to him.


The small streets are full of water, so there are not many pedestrians, and there are no rich people, but after searching for a long time, there will always be some gains.


When Brother Faying came out of the side street, his pocket was already full of coins.


Faying is quite satisfied with this gain. He doesn’t plan to continue, but he is not worried about showing off.


If you lose your money bag on that kind of small street where water is everywhere, most people will find it on that street first, and it will take a lot of time.


Fa-ying is absolutely certain that plain clothes are unlikely to be available in such a place.


The only thing to do now is to change clothes, which is quite easy.


Faying, who picked up a piece of clothing on the street, no longer needs to worry about the two purses. He wandered the street until the night was quiet and most of the shops closed.


When the door closed, Faying went back to the shop he wrote down again.


Sure enough, he saw that the child was alone there, tidying up the signs and decorations in front of the store, and then closed the heavy iron fence door.


Quietly following the child, Faying came to the place where the civilians stayed on the edge of the South City.


It was a damp and muddy alley, and the air was full of sour vinegar. Brother Franco and Ying thought secretly that this place should be where Nangang processed leather.


Brother Faying didn’t want to expose the target prematurely, and the muddy road didn’t require him to follow too closely.


He stared at the footprints on the ground and came to a small courtyard.


There are three bungalows in the courtyard, and a plume of smoke wafts from the house leaning on the west side, and there are bursts of voices.


Brother Faying leaned forward to listen.


Sure enough, it was the kid who was talking, just listening to him yelling happily: “Aunt Betty, did you know? There are a lot of porcelain in the shop today, and the porcelain is so exquisite, as white as milk, and as bright as the moon. There are beautiful patterns painted on the bottom of the porcelain. The fish is like alive, and there are strange and beautiful aquatic plants that I have never seen. Such plants often appear in artworks from the East, but here we are No, the round and wide leaves, the long straight stems, and the bright and huge flowers are very beautiful.”


“You were scolded by the second shopkeeper again today,” said an old woman’s voice.


“How did you guess?” the kid asked.


“As soon as you see these things, you get distracted. Besides, the hunchback is eager to drive you out so that he can insert his nephew in.” At this point, the woman paused: “Hey, I said How many times, those things are not something you should pay attention to. Those porcelains must be very expensive. Don’t even want to afford one in your life. Even if you are the big treasurer, it is considered a rich person, for him. , Those porcelain can only be seen.


“Even if it’s your owner, he just passed such a good thing. It doesn’t mean that he can’t afford it. He is reluctant to use it himself. Those things are specially collected by those nobles. You, still work hard. , First stand firm, so that the camel can’t drive you away, and then survive for seven or eight years, usually read some books, learn how to settle accounts, and rise to the position of buying or accounting. At that time, the smelly camel will take it. You have no choice.”


“I know, Aunt Betty, but why don’t you let me run the boat with the uncle? I really want to be a sailor, to Xibai, Yilei, and even farther east.”


“Forget it, you are young and you don’t know how bad it is. I will follow your uncle with fear. As long as he comes back safely, I will be happier than anything. Running a boat is a very dangerous thing. I can hear that there are boats on the dock every day. News of the sinking. “In addition to the shipwreck, you go to the pier to see, any sailor who has worked for more than ten years and has a good body? Sailors are prone to get sick, and once they get sick, there is no way to treat them. Your uncle is injured and he will wait for a few years. The shipowner will transfer him to the warehouse on the dock to control the goods in and out, and eat with peace of mind. “


“Aunt Betty, I still want to see and see at sea.”


“Then you can tell your boss, wait for you to survive for seven or eight years, maybe your boss will let you follow him in overseas business, that’s much better than being a sailor. This is for your good. , Your father and mother have passed away, and your uncle and I have no children. We watched you grow up and treat you as our own children. Your uncle and I don’t want you to take the path that your uncle has walked. Your uncle couldn’t be more clear about the sailor’s business. It was a difficult, dangerous, and hopeless business.”


“I know you guys are for my good, I know…”


Brother Faying, who was eavesdropping by the wall, knew the child’s life experience from these words.


For a newcomer, this kind of life experience couldn’t be more suitable. Without parents, there are only two relatives who are not relatives. One of them is still on the sea all year round.


Faying made up his mind and returned to the street contentedly.


Nangang is where businessmen from all over the world gather, so the hotel is naturally an extremely developed business here.


You can find any kind of hotel here. For a very comfortable person like Faying who can even live in a cell, no matter how simple a hotel room is, he won’t care.


Before the sky was completely dark, Faying found a cheap hotel with a single room on the outskirts of Nangang. This is a hotel for small businessmen and shopkeepers who are small business owners.


Unexpectedly, such a humble hotel can actually take a hot bath.


Brother Francois has never missed this kind of enjoyment.


While soaking comfortably in the big pool, Brother Faying pondered everything he saw and heard today. That kid is a pretty good candidate, so let’s see how to act next.


But for Faying, the rare visit to Nangang requires a good play, especially when his pockets are full of money, how to use the next day to get away The most considered problem in his mind.


Nangang is a very easy place to spend money, and it is also a place where you can have a good time without spending a penny.


Brother Faying, who came out of the pool, felt relieved. After he went to the counter and bought a large glass of beer, he went back to his room to rest.


In the early morning of the next day, just before dawn, Faying forced himself to get up from the bed.


Brother Faying is not a person who likes to get up early, and none of the cheaters like to get up early.


Morning is definitely not a good time for a good harvest.


However, when we arrived in Nangang, France and Ying definitely didn’t want to waste every hour.


The pleasant vacation began. Brother Faying stretched out comfortably, put on his coat and walked out of the hotel door.


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