Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise a Dog Instead: 2A Bao



In the main hall of Bixiao Palace, a young **** wearing a gray robe put down the gold wire cage in his hand and knelt down to greet the concubine Virtuosi, who was sitting in the main seat.


The floor of the main hall is made of luxurious gold bricks. Although it is called gold bricks, it is actually black. The surface is delicate and smooth, exuding a layer of water-like waves. As if captured by the light of the golden bricks, the little **** was a little dazzling, so he couldn’t help closing his eyes, and raised his head slightly to look at the embroidered shoes of the concubine De Concubine on the main seat.


This is a pair of cloud splendid shoes with dark gorse patterns all over them, embellished with small red and emeralds, and arranged in swirling swirls along the tail feathers of the birds, sparkling bright and colorful. , is really beautiful.


I heard that this pair of shoes was painted by the concubine of Germany in her spare time. The emperor liked it very much. He specially invited a few craftsmen from Siam to make them day and night. Red eyes. Even the trivial matter of dressing, living and traveling can be so taken seriously by the emperor, and the degree of favor of the concubine Virtue is evident. It is no wonder that even the concubine Li Gui, who is in charge of the six palaces, has to avoid her edge.


Thinking of this, the little eunuch’s face became more respectful.


The woman on the main seat is dressed in a royal blue palace dress, covered with intricate peacock patterns outlined by gold and silver silk threads. . Although she was only seventeen or eighteen years old, she was still very young and young, but the woman was like a hibiscus, with misty temples and wind, and her stern and noble style weakened the sense of youth between her eyebrows and eyes, especially the pair of black and white phoenix eyes. The slightly raised end of the eye is outlined and thickened with charcoal, which makes the eyes look sharper and less arrogant.


The little **** took a quick glance and didn’t dare to take a second look, and his heart was stunned: such a person who is comparable to a fairy concubine, it is no wonder that after only three years in the palace, he has risen from a small nobleman all the way to the head of the four concubines. . Even the empress was killed by her, not to mention the old man in the hidden residence, concubine Li Guifei, who has long since faded in love? Waiting for Concubine De’s father, General Jianwei, to block the barbarian army and return to the dynasty, shouldn’t this harem belong to Empress De Concubine? Maybe it is also possible that the emperor is happy to promote the concubine De concubine as the queen.


Thinking to herself, the little **** showed a flattering smile on her face. After the concubine Virtue called out, she brought the golden wire cage forward and pointed to the few little milk dogs in the cage to introduce them enthusiastically.


These are a few white Shih Tzus. Their long, slender coats are shiny and shiny. They are meticulously combed with a grate. Because they were born less than a month ago, they are still very petite. They are packed together like snow balls. Endearing.


The phoenix eyes of Concubine De squinted slightly, her eyes suddenly lit up, her straight back involuntarily leaned forward and looked at the golden cage.


“This is…” She frowned, pointing to the two brown objects in the corner of the cage, and asked hesitantly.


“Hui Niangniang, this kind of dog was given to me by a Fanbang named ‘Gaul’ half a year ago as a tribute to Da Zhou. I heard that it is their court dog, and the breed is also considered precious. It happened that this kind of court dog was produced Cub, the servant thought that maybe some master would like it, so he brought one over.” The little **** replied respectfully.


Compared with Peking Ba and Shih Tzu, this kind of Pan Bang dog has fluffy and curly hair, looks very messy, and the color is also dark brown like mud, which is not in line with the aesthetics of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Although the appearance is not good, but fortunately it is a famous family, those low-ranking concubines who are not favored may be willing to adopt because they have no choice. Considering this situation, the little **** picked two more to take with him before leaving.


Gaul? France? Concubine De’s eyes flickered, and her red lips lightly said, “Bring the cage up and let Ben Gong take a closer look.”


The little **** answered in a low voice, hugged the cage to his chest, walked carefully to the seat of the concubine, and stood still with low eyebrows.


The Concubine De leaned over and looked intently at the two brown dumplings in the cage. These are indeed two French poodles. Their fluffy and curly fur is an appetizing chocolate color. They look very healthy because of proper care. Their black eyes are moist and moist. What do you think? How hilarious.


From the world of Daqian, Concubine De’s aesthetics are unique. She doesn’t think these two puppies are ugly at all, but likes them tightly.


In the eyes of the German concubine, the slightly thinner brown dumpling seemed to be a little uneasy. It turned its back and hid in the corner of the cage, leaving the furry buttocks for the German concubine to appreciate. Exudes a sense of confusion and confusion. The brother beside it seemed to feel its unease, and jumped on its hind legs, trying to give it a hug, but didn’t want to be slapped away by its paws. The movements were indescribably sharp and domineering. The body and the stubby little meat claws are so happy.


Concubine De couldn’t help laughing. She held the embroidered handkerchief in one hand to hide the smile at the corner of her mouth. She pointed at the little dumpling in the cage with the other and said, “This one is very spiritual, let’s keep it.”


According to the promise, the little **** took the brown dumpling out of the cage and handed it to the big palace maid Bi Shui on the side. He also instructed a lot of matters needing attention in feeding. Finally, he put a bulging purse into his sleeve pocket and happily went out. The Bixiao Palace.


When the little **** was far away, the concubine De, who was sitting upright in the main seat, immediately fell down, reclining on the couch of the imperial concubine, taking off the golden nail caps on her hands, and reaching out to the big palace maid Bi Shui , said eagerly, “Hurry up and give this palace a hug!” At this moment, the stern Gaohua style on her body seemed to be blown away by a gust of wind and disappeared without a trace.


“Be careful, madam, this beast is a bit reckless and hard to hold.” Bi Shui tightened her fingers, hugged the struggling puppy, and gave it to Concubine De. She didn’t notice that when she heard the word ‘beast’, the puppy in her hand stiffened for a moment.


When the little puppy recovered, it had been transferred to De Fei’s arms. De Fei’s slender and light-white fingertips were slowly and gently sliding down his back, causing him to feel numb and trembling, which made him unable to help himself. made a humming sound.


“It’s acting like a spoiled child, it’s so cute!” Concubine De’s clear and melodious voice carries a strong smile, which is very charming.


The little milk dog squinted and was intoxicated for a moment, then stiffened and struggled more violently.


“Don’t move the little things, they will get hurt!” Seeing the little milk dog fluttering out of her arms, De Concubine’s face showed a panicked expression, and she hurriedly reached out to catch it.


But she was still a step too late. The little milk dog jumped out of her arms and fell directly on the couch of the imperial concubine. Although it was cushioned by a thick wool carpet, it was born less than a month old, and its body was still very fragile. He fell so hard that he just lay down on the carpet and couldn’t get up. He half-opened his small mouth, which didn’t even have deciduous teeth, and panted, looking very pitiful.


Concubine De hurriedly bent down and hugged the little milk dog into her arms, opened its limbs and carefully examined it, and called Bi Shui and Yincui to ask for the imperial doctor.


Until the imperial doctor came and went, the little puppy was quietly allowed to be manipulated and no longer struggled.


“It’s so good!” After confirming that the little milk dog was safe, De Concubine’s tense and pretty face showed a smile, rubbed the little milk dog’s head with her fingertips, and instructed earnestly, “You are still young, want to see Look at the world in no hurry, when you grow up a little and move quickly, you can go wherever you want.”


The little puppy raised his head and stared at Concubine De with his black eyes. His eyes were indescribably complicated. They seemed to contain countless emotions like a human being, and they seemed extremely agile. Concubine De was surprised. When she was about to take a closer look, the little milk dog had already lowered its head again, lying in her arms and didn’t move. The floppy little body was weak, giving people a sense of helplessness of resignation.


Concubine De secretly felt that she was thinking too much, and while stroking the back of the little milk dog, she instructed Mammy Feng to cook a bowl of minced meat porridge.


The fragrant, soft and glutinous minced meat porridge was quickly cooked. Mammy Feng waited for the porridge to cool before bringing it back to the Bixiao Palace and placing it on a red sandalwood Eight Immortals table. De Concubine walked over, put down the little milk dog, pointed to the porridge bowl and said softly, “Small things, eat quickly.”


The little puppy almost couldn’t wait to leave the embrace of Concubine De, and then sat upright on the table of the Eight Immortals.


De Fei reached out and nudged the puppy’s buttocks and said softly, “Little thing, my stomach was growling just now, why don’t you eat it now?”


The little puppy shifted his body and continued to sit still, his appearance was steady and unmoving, and he didn’t even glance at the minced meat porridge from the corner of his eye.


Concubine De’s star eyes flickered, and after a moment of indulgence, she raised her hand to greet the palace servants beside her, “The emperor is seriously injured and is recuperating in the Qianqing Palace. The daily decoction cannot be broken. Go, go to the warehouse with this palace to pick up some medicines that are suitable for your symptoms. Send it.”


A group of palace servants agreed in unison, and followed the German concubine and filed out of the main hall, and the hall soon became quiet. After about a quarter of an hour, the minced meat porridge had completely cooled down, but the fresh and fragrant meat smell remained in the air, constantly stimulating the puppy’s taste buds. Swallowing the saliva in his mouth, the little milk dog turned his neck and looked around, making sure that no one around raised his fleshy little paws, and walked to the bowl. The little pink tongue licked it, and found that the taste was better than expected. It snorted and ate it.


“Puchi! The little thing is so shy!” The German concubine, who was hiding behind the door and peeking at it, almost fell down with laughter, and her attendants couldn’t help but laugh.


Hearing the low laughter one after another, the little milk dog froze and buried his head in the bowl and didn’t move. After a long while, Xu Shi did a good job of psychological construction, the little milk dog moved in a direction, facing De Fei and others with his butt, and continued to eat with his head arched, rather like a broken pot.


When she saw this, Concubine De did not hide anymore. She walked out from behind the door with a smile, sat down at the table, tilted her head, and pressed her chin with one hand, admiring the cute eating appearance of the puppy with relish.


At first, the little milk dog glanced at her from time to time. Seeing that she was sitting quietly beside her, neither speaking nor moving, she put down her guard and concentrated on eating.


When the puppy finished eating a small bowl of minced meat porridge, Concubine De took it off the table and took it for a walk around Bixiao Palace to digest food. Half an hour passed quickly. Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Concubine De hurriedly instructed the palace maid to prepare hot water and a brazier, and give the puppy a bath in person.


Newborn puppies are not allowed to bathe until four months later. But the little milk dog was raised in the cat and dog workshop, and the attendants did not take care of them very carefully, and they had an unpleasant smell of shame. De Fei smelled it, and decided to give the puppy a little scrub with a damp and hot handkerchief.


Not as active as other puppies, the little puppies cooperated throughout the whole process, which made De Fei a little surprised. “Bengong really did not read it wrong, this little thing has aura and is smart!” Rubbing the fleshy paws of the little milk dog, Concubine De’s tone was a little proud and a little doting. Keeping pets also depends on fate. She feels that she must have a good relationship with small things, otherwise she will fall in love at a glance?


“Niangniang, we can’t always call something small, give it a name?” Yin Cui smiled and suggested.


“Well,” Concubine De’s eyes narrowed slightly, and she said after pondering for a while, “Let’s call it A Bao, the heart and soul of this palace.”


A Bao? The puppy’s body stiffened.


Unconsciously, Concubine De passed the half-wet puppy to Bi Shui, who was waiting with a dry towel. The two flaming braziers drove away the chill of early autumn. The freshly baked Ah Bao children’s shoes were wrapped in towel and crouched on De Concubine’s knees, listening quietly to her conversation with the palace servants, while staring at the brazier.


“A Bao fell asleep, bring his nest and put it in my bedroom.” Seeing that the puppy’s eyes were closed, her breathing was even, and her hair was completely dry, De Concubine stopped talking. , whispered.


Mother Feng quickly brought a small basket woven with wicker and covered with soft cotton cloth, and placed it in the corner of the bedroom. De Fei carefully put A Bao in, and carefully pulled a piece of cotton cloth to cover his belly.


When Concubine De left lightly, A Bao, who was already sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes. His bright and sharp eyes were very penetrating, and it looked even more strange with his small body.


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